Paper and Crayon



A little about us…

When my wife Tessa and I were getting married, we wanted to share our day with not only our adult brothers, sisters and cousins, but also with their children. What could be better than a dance floor full of parents and children trying to do the Electric Slide? Our guest list ended up having 35+ kids under the age of ten!

Being an artist, I decided to create a wedding day activity book to keep them busy waiting for food or toasts to be finished. I worked nights and weekends during the months leading up to the wedding to create a book that had both fun activities and shared a story of our life and our love.

A funny thing happened during the reception. Aunts and uncles loved the personalized books for the unique way they told our story. The kids loved the fun coloring pages and games. We were barely able to wrestle a copy for ourselves!

That’s when Paper and Crayon was born. It is our mission to tell your story in a unique and fun way and deliver a product that will keep all generations smiling.

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